Is this you?

  • Applying for government roles and hearing crickets?
  • You want to transition from private to the public sector and you don't know how to nail key selection criteria?
  • You don't know what they mean and don't know what they want to hear?
  • The criteria are complex with questions inside questions, what are they even asking?

You're not alone!

The struggle is real for many

But here's the good news!

You can learn to master this and I can show you how. Once you complete all modules in this program, you'll know exactly:

  1. how to use your key selection criteria to articulate your expertise, your worth and the outcomes you can provide to your next employer
  2. how to write succinctly
  3. what questions to ask to start writing quickly and with focus so they don't take all weekend to write

You'll go from...

  • being frustrated, confused, stressed

  • feeling tired and just staring at your computer

  • wondering why everyone else can do it and you can't


  • being super confident that your responses are what they're looking for

  • writing quickly without wasting your whole weekend

  • spending more time with your family instead of writing

What's Inside

(including Workbook & Template!)

  • 1

    The Interview Landing Key Selection Criteria Formula

    • Coming soon... Module released in Week 2

Meet Athena

Career Strategist & Career Marketing Document Specialist - Government and Corporate roles

Athena is a successful Career Strategist and Coach assisting her clients to land their dream role in the Government or Corporate sectors.

Athena prides herself on excellent customer service, being direct, listening to her clients' needs and ensuring they put their best foot forward for their next role.

Athena understands the needs of businesses and ensures candidates are the right fit for the job and organisation. With this in mind, Athena has built her coaching, resume and key selection criteria writing on years of experience and knowledge around what organisations are really seeking from their employees.

As a recruiter in her Government and Corporate roles, Athena was always able to choose the perfect candidate for a role, so understands exactly what it takes to find the right employee, for the right job, for the right employer.

Athena is determined to see more parents in full-time, flexible or leadership roles in the workforce in order to advance their career.

Whether you are seeking assistance with career guidance, job seeker or interview coaching, flexible work arrangements applications or the creation of your career marketing documents, Athena will ensure that you leave her with the confidence to apply for your dream job!
Athena Ali - the Get Noticed Coach

What Clients Say

About working with Athena

"I landed an Interview for the Director's role!"

Wendy C - Director role in State Government

Hi Athena, I just wanted to give you an update. I got an interview for the director role and had my interview last Thursday.
Thank you so much for all your work. Having the key selection criteria and my resume so well structured really helped with my interview preparation. Thank you again.

"Athena really understand the difficulties busy working mothers face"

Carolyn G - Business Analyst - Local Government role

Athena helped me with some career coaching after a short break between contracts. She helped me set some realistic career goals to enable me to achieve a better balance between professional and family priorities. She connected me with employers who are advocates of working flexibly and I really benefited from her interview coaching. Athena really understand the difficulties busy working mothers face ans is passionate about helping mums find meaningful work. Thanks Athena for recognising the value that women with children can deliver with the workplace and helping drive change in the perceptions about flexible work. And most importantly, thanks for helping me personally find a role that suits my current situation.

"I landed an interview at Coca-Cola!"

Brad - Senior Account Management role

Hi Athena, I just wanted to give you an update on Coca-cola. I have gone to the next stage of the application process which is great. More than happy to refer you to people we know.

Don't wait!

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