Athena Ali

The Get Noticed Coach

Hi, I'm Athena Ali - The Get Noticed Coach.

I help people land their dream government career in the fastest, easiest way without them having to waste anymore time trying to figure it all out by themselves.

I started this business when my boss wouldn't continue to give me part-time work after parental leave. I wanted to help people (particularly parents) land flexible government jobs. Writing and recruitment are my zones of genius.

I'd always been selected on panels when they were having a hard time finding great employees and I've always had a fantastic eye for a great employee. So I decided to find those gems myself and help them get noticed to land interviews for their dream government role.

For me it's important that you love your job and have a strong desire to work for the community. When you love what you do that transpires into outstanding outcomes for yourself, your employer and ultimately the end customer, the public.

I love having that impact on our end services for the public as well as provide my clients with a fulfilling stable and long-term career.

Cheers, Athena
Athena Ali - the Get Noticed Coach

Awards and Recognition

As a career strategist empowering parents to seek a flexible role I'm proud to have been nominated in the Individual Category for the Champion of Flexible Working Awards 2019.

I am also a member of Australian HR Institute, and Career Directors.
Athena Ali - the Get Noticed Coach

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