Is this you?

  • Applying for government roles and hearing crickets?
  • You want to transition from private to the public sector and you don't know how to transfer your skills over?
  • You have a hard time addressing key selection criteria because you don't know what they mean, don't know what they're asking, and don't know what they want to hear?
  • You've tried to get a promotion but always get passed over?
  • You've gotten to the interview stage, but you can't convert? You just don't know what they want to hear so that you can get over the line?

You're not alone!

The struggle is real for many

But here's the good news!

You can learn to master this and I can show you how. Once you complete all modules in this program, you'll know exactly:

  1. how to write a resume that stands out and gets noticed
  2. how to use your key selection criteria to articulate your expertise, your worth and the outcomes you can provide to your next employer
  3. network like a pro on LinkedIn and in-person
  4. what government career you actually want and know what you are passionate about
  5. how to alleviate your fears and use your newfound confidence to your advantage in an interview
  6. how to set and smash your goals
  7. how to work with and impress recruiters

You'll go from...

  • being frustrated, confused, stressed

  • feeling lousy and insecure in your career

  • wondering why everyone else can do it and you can't


  • being super confident

  • waking up on Monday mornings happy

  • work won't feel like work

  • secure in a stable job

The Ultimate Government Career Accelerator

Will set you up with online video tutorials, tools, worksheets, checklists and templates to get you from stuck to people asking you how landed your government career!

Modules Included

  • The Career Storytelling Formula

  • Interview Winning Resumes

  • Key Selection Criteria Made Easy

  • Network your way into a dream role with LinkedIn

  • Impress at the Interview and Land the Job

  • The secrets of the Hidden Job Market


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  • Boost Your Salary Training

    Learn the art of negotiating your salary once offered the job.

    How to ask for a pay rise if you are already in the job.

    Learn how to make people value what you're worth!

  • Get a "Yes" to Flexible Work Arrangements

    Learn the art of negotiating flexible work arrangements.

    Including what to do and not do when asking.

    Learn how to make people value what you're worth and say "yes"!

  • Change your Mind, Change your Life

    Why mindset is the key to a successful career.

    How to eliminate fear and get back your confidence.

    Tools to help you attract the right employer through a changed mindset.

  • How to work with and impress Recruiters

    Why recruiters are so important to your career.

    Understanding what motivates Recruiters.

    How to network with Recruiters to land your next role.

What's Inside (including BONUSES!)

  • 1


    • Congratulations and Welcome!

    • Course Content Release Dates

    • Pre-Work Exercise

    • Pre-Work Exercise Workbook

  • 2

    Week 1 - The Career Storytelling Formula

    • Introduction to The Career Storytelling Formula

    • A. Introduction to Career Planning (for those who don't know what career they are seeking)

    • The 5 Steps to the Career Planning Cycle

    • 1. Evaluate

    • 2. Analyse

    • 3. Plan

    • 4. Goal Setting

    • 5. Review

    • B. The Career Storytelling Formula (for those who know or have discovered the career they are seeking)

    • 1. The 3 P's of The Career Storytelling Formula

    • 2. Personal Career Branding

    • 3. How to tell a story

    • WORKBOOK - Create Your Future - Goal Setting Activity Workbook

    • WORKBOOK - Plan to Succeed in Life & Career

    • WORKBOOK - The Career Storytelling Formula Workbook

  • 3

    Week 2 - Interview Winning Resumes

    • The 5 P's of an Interview Winning Resume

    • 1. Prepare

    • 2. Present

    • 3. Performance

    • 4. Plan

    • 5. Proofread

    • BONUS LESSON - Myths, and other tips


    • WORKBOOK - Interview Winning Resumes

    • TEMPLATES - Interview Winning Resume and BONUS Cover letters in Word and ATS Friendly formats



  • 4

    Week 3 - How to Write Interview Landing Key Selection Criteria

    • Lesson 1 - Why the STAR Method isn't the best method

    • Lesson 2 - What does the employer really want to hear?

    • Lesson 3 - Examples - which ones to choose?

    • Lesson 4 - How to decipher the question

    • Lesson 5 - My unique Interview Landing Formula and why it's better

    • Lesson 6 - The Interview Landing Formula - Step-by-Step

    • WORKBOOK - The Interview Landing KSC Formula

    • TEMPLATES - Beat the Scanners KSC Templates

  • 5

    Week 4 - Impress at the Interview and Land the Job!

    • Introduction to Interviews

    • Lesson 1 - Before the Interview

    • Lesson 2 - On the day of the Interview

    • Lesson 3 - At the Interview

    • Lesson 4 - After the Interview

    • BONUS - Video Interview Tips

    • WORKBOOK - Interview Strategy

    • DOWNLOAD - Interview Checklist

  • 6

    Week 5 - Network your way into a job with your LinkedIn Profile

    • Welcome

    • 1. Strategy

    • 2. Content

    • 3. Communication

    • 4. Connection

    • BONUS - Other things on LinkedIn

    • CHEATSHEET - LinkedIn Messages for New Connections

    • CHECKLIST - Things to check or change

    • TEMPLATES - LinkedIn Sales Email templates (from LinkedIn not Athena Ali)

    • WORKBOOK - Networking your way into a job with your LinkedIn Profile

  • 7

    Week 6 - The Secrets of the Hidden Job Market

    • Introduction

    • Traditional Job seeking methods

    • The Hidden Job Market

    • WORKBOOK - The Secrets of the Hidden Job Market

    • SPREADSHEET - Job Seeker Tracker

  • 8

    Week 7 - BONUS - Get Paid What You're Worth - Salary Negotiation

    • Introduction

    • 1. Prepare

    • 2. Starting the Conversation

    • 3. Asking for what you want

    • 4. Getting the Answer

  • 9

    Week 7 - BONUS - How to get a "Yes" to Flexible Working Arrangements

    • Introduction

    • Flexible Working Arrangements

    • Research

    • The Conversation

    • After your Meeting

    • WORKBOOK - How to get a "Yes" to a Flexible Working Arrangement

  • 10

    Week 8 - BONUS - Change your Mind, Change your Life

    • Intro

    • Confidence in your job search

    • Fear in your job search & how to overcome it

    • Manifest your dream career

    • WORKSHEET - How to Manifest your Dream Career

  • 11

    Week 8 - BONUS - How to Work with and Impress Recruiters

    • Introduction

    • The recruiter's role

    • Your role

    • Worksheet Instructions

    • WORKSHEET - How to work with and Impress Recruiters

  • 12



Meet Athena

Career Strategist & Government Job Application Specialist

Athena is a successful Career Strategist and Coach assisting her clients to land their dream role in the Government and Not-for-Profit sectors.

Athena prides herself on excellent customer service, being direct, listening to her clients' needs, and ensuring they put their best foot forward for their next role.

Athena understands the needs of businesses and ensures candidates are the right fit for the job and organisation. With this in mind, Athena has built her coaching, resume and key selection criteria writing on years of experience and knowledge around what organisations are really seeking from their employees.

As a recruiter in her Government and Corporate roles, Athena was always able to choose the perfect candidate for a role, so understands exactly what it takes to find the right employee, for the right job, for the right employer.

Athena is determined to see more people with purpose and high values in full-time, flexible or leadership roles in the public service so that the best people are serving the community.

Whether you are seeking assistance with career guidance, job seeker or interview coaching, flexible work arrangements applications or the creation of your career marketing documents, Athena will ensure that you leave her with the confidence to apply for your dream Government or Not-for-Profit job!
Athena Ali - the Get Noticed Coach

What Clients Say

About working with Athena

"I landed an Interview for the Director's role!"

Wendy C - Director role in State Government

Hi Athena, I just wanted to give you an update. I got an interview for the director role and had my interview last Thursday.
Thank you so much for all your work. Having the key selection criteria and my resume so well structured really helped with my interview preparation. Thank you again.

"Athena really understand the difficulties busy working mothers face"

Carolyn G - Business Analyst - Local Government role

Athena helped me with some career coaching after a short break between contracts. She helped me set some realistic career goals to enable me to achieve a better balance between professional and family priorities. She connected me with employers who are advocates of working flexibly and I really benefited from her interview coaching. Athena really understand the difficulties busy working mothers face ans is passionate about helping mums find meaningful work. Thanks Athena for recognising the value that women with children can deliver with the workplace and helping drive change in the perceptions about flexible work. And most importantly, thanks for helping me personally find a role that suits my current situation.

"I landed an interview at Coca-Cola!"

Brad - Senior Account Management role

Hi Athena, I just wanted to give you an update on Coca-cola. I have gone to the next stage of the application process which is great. More than happy to refer you to people we know.

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